Web Poll: What would you like to see changed?

Ponoka’s looking for feedback from residents on the waste management process.

Web Poll: Better to have delivery and pick up of mail in town?

With the vandalism and theft from rural mailboxes, we ask, is it better to have mail in town?

Web Poll: Will spring ever come to central Alberta?

This week’s poll relates to if spring will ever come. We ask the question, tell us your thoughts.

Should Ponoka have a regular annual tax increase?

We ask the question about tax increases: Should it be the same annually or fluctuate annually?

Web Poll: Chickens in Ponoka? Tell us your thoughts

Do you think the Town of Ponoka should allow residents to keep chickens in their yards?

Web Poll: A question on snow clearing in Ponoka

There’s the option to put the snow in windrows or graded and cleared in the same day.

Fallen Four Memorial
Broncs senior boys land playoff berth
Ponoka Warriors Volleyball
Fans support Rebels

Web Poll: Should teachers be allowed to carry firearms in the classroom?

With Ponoka News’ recent editorial and subsequent letter to the editor, we want to hear from you.

  • Mar 6th, 2018

Web Poll: Snowboarding or skiing, which do you like best?

With the heavy snowfall coming, we ask the question, snowboarding or skiing; which do you like best?

Web Poll: Ponoka goes with the county on fire services

What are your thoughts now that the Town of Ponoka has made the move to go with the county?

Web Poll: Should Alberta allow digital proof of insurance?

Is it time for the province to enter the 21st century when it comes to proof of auto insurance?

Web Poll: Will you be supporting Alberta’s ban on B.C. wine?

Let us know your opinion as well — include what wine you’ll switch to or why you won’t switch

Web Poll: What are your thoughts on BC’s proposal to limit bitumen shipments

We bring in three possible answers to the question: Yes, No or Unsure

Web Poll: Do you think Ponoka should use photo radar?

We leave the answers to you with a “Yes,” “No” or “Unsure”

Web Poll: More taxes for more recreation in Ponoka?

Tell us what you think with a “Yes” or “No” or the ever popular, “Unsure”

WEB POLL: Do you think a $15 minimum wage will hurt Alberta’s economy?

Let us know your thoughts on Alberta’s upcoming $15 minimum wage.

  • Jan 10th, 2018

Web Poll: What’s your top five Christmas movies?

Ponoka News readers are asked their top movies, they can pick five options.

Web Poll: Are you planning on attending the CP Holiday Train stop in Ponoka

How many of you are going to be around to check out the entertainment and fun?

Web Poll: Are you willing to pay more for weekly garbage collections?

This is the second web poll regarding Town of Ponoka garbage collections.