Web Poll: Looking at Ponoka County restricting CFOs

With Ponoka County looking to place exclusion zones for CFOs we ask how readers feel.

Web Poll: How do you feel about Ponoka subsidizing BOLT?

If Ponoka were to join BOLT, do you think the town should help subsidize its operations?

Web Poll: Should Ponoka join the BOLT Transit system

With the recent announcement that Greyhound is axing its B.C. and Alberta routes, we ask about BOLT

Web Poll: How do you feel newspapers play a part in democracy?

Ponoka News’ most recent web polls asks how you feel about newspapers and its relation to democracy

Web Poll: 4-way stop at Hwy 53 and 50 Street year-round?

We ask the question about having a 4-way stop year-round, tell us your thoughts.

Web Poll: Should Ponoka sell off its unused properties?

We ask the question related to property sales. There is an option within the poll to offer options.

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Web Poll: Are unions needed?

Ponoka News asks the question related to unions and if readers feel they are still needed.

Web Poll: Should Alberta keep its separate Catholic school system?

Ponoka News’ new poll asks the question related to the province’s separate school systems.

Web Poll: Should towns be in charge of highway speeds within their communities?

With a town resident unhappy with speed limits on Highway 53, we ask, the question.

Web Poll: Should producers be responsible for their products’ end of life?

We ask the question and provide three options: Yes, No, and Unsure.

Web Poll: Should municipal councillors receive severance?

Ponoka News asks the question and readers can answer, “Yes”, “No” or “Unsure”

Web Poll: How much are you willing to pay for weekly garbage collection

This week we ask Ponoka News readers how much they are willing to pay for extra collections

Web Poll: What would you like to see changed?

Ponoka’s looking for feedback from residents on the waste management process.

Web Poll: Better to have delivery and pick up of mail in town?

With the vandalism and theft from rural mailboxes, we ask, is it better to have mail in town?

Web Poll: Will spring ever come to central Alberta?

This week’s poll relates to if spring will ever come. We ask the question, tell us your thoughts.

Should Ponoka have a regular annual tax increase?

We ask the question about tax increases: Should it be the same annually or fluctuate annually?

Web Poll: Chickens in Ponoka? Tell us your thoughts

Do you think the Town of Ponoka should allow residents to keep chickens in their yards?

Web Poll: A question on snow clearing in Ponoka

There’s the option to put the snow in windrows or graded and cleared in the same day.

Web Poll: Should teachers be allowed to carry firearms in the classroom?

With Ponoka News’ recent editorial and subsequent letter to the editor, we want to hear from you.

  • Mar 6th, 2018

Web Poll: Snowboarding or skiing, which do you like best?

With the heavy snowfall coming, we ask the question, snowboarding or skiing; which do you like best?