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What will the robots replace next?

Just when I thought that I had seen just about everything during my 65 plus years of existence, I was shocked back to stark reality once again last week. While out on a casual afternoon stroll with a friend I heard the popular spring drone of a lawn mower, but alas as I glanced into the yard all I could see was this plastic gizmo, without a handle and with no human pilot, moving methodically back and forth across the lush green grass!

All sports heroes started out as kids

Did you get caught up in the thrill of Beckhamania last Tuesday evening at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton? The Los Angeles Galaxy lured this talented young man away from the mega successful Manchester United Soccer franchise last summer for a meager $250,000,000

Hockey playoffs grab the attention of the entire nation

Hockey is Canada’s game and hockey fever is running wild at this time of the year as the playoffs, World Cup and Memorial Cup are all finishing up.

Everyone should be responsible while driving

RCMP and police officers are people who young children look up to and respect. In Ponoka, we have a great detachment of officers who are often seen as unsung heroes as they protect our streets and town. Often you will see them speaking to young children whose eyes pop when they see the men and women in their uniform.

Spring is about barbecues and garage sales

Even though our spring has been rather stubborn about taking hold this time around, there are still those great seasonal signs and traditions that always arrive in May, no matter what. I am sure for most of us spring means delightful attractions and distractions such as: mud, fresh air, new outfits and less clothes, birds and bugs, outdoor games, crop seeding and yard work, barbecuing, farmers’ market, garage sales, and on and on.

On life’s journey there are two choices; life or death

Graduation is an important step in the journey of life

High school graduation seems like a long time ago for most people and for some it was only eight years ago. Achieving your high school certificate is a very significant moment in a person’s life, in some ways the next step that you make can define the rest of your life.

Spoil them on Mothers Day.... cherish them always

Thousands of mothers who had lost their sons originally started Mother’s Day in 1870 after the Civil War as a protest to the carnage of the war.

Volunteerism thrives in Ponoka to help keep community strong

Volunteering is a priceless gift that our community embraces.

I will always cheer for our Canadian teams