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Always give yourself some credit.... no matter what

I think my wife was trying to give me a compliment last week when she insisted... “If things get better with age, then you must be approaching magnificence?”

Celebrate Earth Day by doing your part for the environment

The beautiful spring weather entices me to walk outside and away from the computer every now and again. In doing so one thing that I cannot understand in Ponoka is the amount of litter and cigarette butts that are accumulating on our streets.

How about a Canada quiz just for fun

One of my favourite events in school was having a quiz, picking teams to answer the questions, and maybe even the winners getting a special prize like a sweet treat, a gold star, or an extra half hour in the gym or playground?

Simple things for our everyday lives

There are so many simple things around us or are they simple?

Junos rocked in Calgary but Canadians still need to support our music

Watching the Junos on Sunday evening I beamed with pride at the abundance of talent that Canada has. First and foremost Shane Yellowbird from Hobbema made all of us proud as he was part of the opening act singing Paul Brandt’s song Alberta Bound.

Green candidate congratulates competition

Thank you for printing my previous letter whereby I thanked all those who supported me.

Slow down and let everyone enjoy a safe spring

This is that exciting time of the year when the dull brown leftovers of winter are slowly being replaced by the glorious green upstarts of a new spring. As all of us emerge from our winter cocoons to mingle amongst nature with great gusto there are also many safety and co-operation and care issues that we must always be aware of.

Crimes against animals are just as serious as crimes against people

A very disturbing incident took place in Ponoka over the weekend. A dead cat was found hanging from a light post in downtown Ponoka. The cat had strands of wiring wrapped around its neck and it is suspected that it was done sometime early Saturday morning.

The joy of the Easter celebration must never change

I hope that your Easter holidays are going very well. Even though I wasn’t the recipient of any Easter eggs and treats this time around, I was able to sneak a nibble of our grandchildren’s stash.

Many great sports ending and beginning with the arrival of spring

Spring has finally sprung and the weather here in Alberta is absolutely gorgeous. In the Town of Ponoka most of the snow is gone and the grass is getting greener by the second.