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Summer was great-now let’s look forward to fall

Of course, as always, there will be many mixed emotions as we take this seasonal change from a pretty nice summer into fall?

Success is always great, but try not to forget those in need

Sometimes in our topsy-turvy world of hard work, good times, raising a family and striving to achieve our wants and needs and dreams we sometimes have a tendency to ignore those among us who are facing hardships along the hectic path of everyday life.

Hobbema excels when faced with difficult challenges

There is no question that Hobbema has been getting a lot of national attention recently thanks to some fatal shootings featured in many newspapers and television news channels.

Canada will do just fine at the Olympics

If you are a sports fanatic like yours truly we are quite likely spending every possible moment watching all the super action from the 2008 Summer Olympics from smoggy Beijing. That first week was a little tough for our Canadian team, but we can be assured that they are giving their very best effort against the world’s best, and will get their share of the medals when all is said and done.

Improving high school graduate numbers in Alberta

Each year, without fail, the start of school marks the unofficial end to the summer. The new school year takes many youth off of the skateboard parks, backyards and beaches and puts them in a classroom for five days a week.

Hardest thing to do is to leave your second home

A real neat part of summer is sun-sand and soaking

Everyone should be allowed to enjoy the Alberta advantage

I am really beginning to realize just how much of a challenge it is for the average citizen and family to make ends meet these days. Every time we turn around the prices are going up on most of the basics of life, including accommodations, gas, groceries, insurance, health care and on and on; and sadly many are falling behind this cost explosion.

Youth curfew the right thing to do for Ponoka

The Town of Ponoka should pass the current proposed bylaw (Bylaw No. 248-08) to implement a curfew for youth 16 years of age and under. The curfew is for the good of the community and the safety and well-being of all of the youth in town.

God is called the wonderful creator and knows us by name

Isaiah 9:6 declared. “And He will be called Wonderful, a prophesy spoken about the Lord Jesus Christ many, many years before His birth”. And through the prophet God declares that the name of the Savior of the world, His eternal Son would be Wonderful.